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Unleash Your Team’s Productivity Power

A Lesieur production plant.

Productivity is the livelihood of any organization, regardless of the industry you operate in. However, when it comes to industries that live or die by deadlines, such as the construction industry, productivity within your team is something that cannot be compromised. Read on to learn more about how your construction company can boost productivity.

During a construction project, your team must take every possible measure, to ensure you are on-point and on-task. Doing so will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your cost of materials, total project cost, and more. Here are a few tips to unleash your team’s productivity power, and deliver projects on time and on budget, without ever compromising quality:

Boost productivity by setting daily, weekly and monthly milestones

In every big project, there’s a roadmap of the planned construction process, and a clear timeline for deliverables. If you want to boost your team’s productivity power, break down your high-level roadmap into daily, weekly and monthly milestones. Firms who develop a schedule of day-to- day activities are more likely to stay on track with project deliverables. In fact, not only do they stay on track, teams are more productive and more motivated when they have clear expectations for their daily work product. Make sure you list these tasks in your construction project management solution

Create an inviting workspace for your employees

There’s no better incentive to work smarter, and harder, than an inviting work space. Create a workspace that encourages employees to socialize, but still allows for privacy to get work done without distraction. Prioritize comfort over cost-effective. After all, your employees will be spending long hours in your office or construction site, to complete your project with success. Lastly, equip your workspace with the right tools for success, from meeting rooms to software.

Unleash productivity power by setting a priority order for work tasks

More often than not, work tasks are assigned with the confidence that employees will take care of them right away, but in reality, if there is no sense of urgency or set time for completion, it’s easy to lose track of who’s doing what. Do your best to set an order of priority for daily, weekly and monthly work tasks. If something needs to be done right away, say so. If a work task can wait until the end of the week, be up front with your team about that too. Try creating a project dashboard that outlines company and project priority, and then, map all work tasks back to the priority you’ve set. Over time, employees will develop a work pattern where they work on tasks related to the #1 project priority first, and everything else as needed.

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