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Win Your Next Construction Project With Ease

In any type of negotiation, the ultimate show of success is to ensure you’re on the winning side. For construction projects, there continues to be an increase in competition, perhaps due to the slow decline of overall construction jobs, but more likely due to the appeal of firms who clearly differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Lean construction, advanced information systems, virtual walk-throughs, etc., all provide construction firms with a competitive edge. But these factors aren’t the only differentiators. Here are two smart ways to win your next construction project with ease.


Give Your Marketing Materials a Facelift

Private construction projects come with a considerable amount of bidding and negotiating, as compared to public construction projects. Your firm should use marketing to clearly and transparently set yourself apart from competitors, while guiding clients through the sales funnel. When email marketing, blog content, landing pages, traditional marketing tactics, etc., are used effectively, you’ll generate leads and land bids at a pace that’s manageable for your business.

  • Some firms have experienced great marketing success, by providing a money-back guarantee. This shows clients that you stand behind your work product and are willing to resolve or reimburse for work that is less than top quality.  

  • Communicate timely project completion, achieved through collaboration and efficiency. In doing so, clients will feel more confident knowing your firm has a lean construction process and information systems that get projects done on time and on budget.

  • Always represent your firm with accuracy and professionalism. Don’t ever embellish numbers or success rates, as this can damage your reputation in the long run. Collect testimonials and customer case studies that show the value your firm provides, and frequently share them as a part of your marketing efforts.

Foolproof Your Bidding Strategy

You’ve submitted your bid, and you have a strong feeling you’re the best firm for the job. You’ve made it clear to the client why they should hire you, and you’re about to start the bidding process. Now what? Your bidding strategy shouldn’t only be about the bidding process, you should also have a clear idea of your firm’s stance prior to, and after bidding begins. Here are some questions to ask yourself about your current bidding strategy.

  • What is your overall bid-success ratio compared to your market rivals? Can you make a guess toward what competitors are doing differently, to win more bids?

  • Are case studies and testimonials available to showcase your company’s success?

  • Identify whether there’s room for negotiating the project. If so, what’s your negotiation strategy?

  • Prepare for bidding by making a list of important questions for both your firm and your client. Make sure the project is indeed a good fit, before proceeding with the bidding process.

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