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5 Predictable Ways to Manage Multiple Construction Projects

Construction projects are filled with complexity and overwhelmed with information, but without the complexity and overwhelm of multiple projects, the construction business would grow stagnant.

The key to managing multiple construction projects at once lies in the predictability of your process. That’s right. This is the exact moment where predictable expert advice and boring industry standards can work in your favor. Managing multiple projects simultaneously is no easy task, but there are some smart ways to overcome any challenge that may come your way.

1. Detailed Plans for Each Project
Creating a plan and schedule of each project is absolutely necessary, to manage multiple projects successfully. Set clear goals and realistic outcomes. Sidestep potential conflict by making sure stakeholders understand the key components and milestones of their project. Also, it goes without saying, make sure you have a clear plan to report progress on a recurring basis.

2. Roles and Responsibilities
A single team of professionals may not be enough to effectively manage several construction projects at once. You may want to consider splitting your team so that the scope of work is well distributed based on the strength and skill of your employees.

3. Strict Deadlines
Establish a workflow that works in favor of your deadlines, and help your team avoid time overruns and disagreements over work progress. To stay firm on strict deadlines, build additional time in your schedule for potential delays and determine a contingency plan for such circumstance. In the spirit of transparency, you should also decide on a process to notify clients and team members of delays when they are at risk to occur.

4. Allocation of Resources
Keeping a close eye on your resources is especially important when managing multiple construction projects at once. To put things into perspective, the allocation of resources should take materials, people, equipment and time into consideration. When each resource type is well managed, you can expect to overcome challenges in a more efficient manner.

5. Cloud Platforms
The construction industry is constantly evolving, whether it’s in regard to design, site work and even business systems. Cloud-based platforms allow for a simple and fast exchange of data and information, and allow for a more collaborative construction process. BuildBinder’s cloud based system can help you better service your clients with transparency, through visibility, document control, accounting, owner satisfaction and more.

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