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What Construction Workers Value Most in Their Jobs

There's a question looming in the construction industry, and it's one that's only going to become more present as the years pass by, “Where has all the skilled labor gone?” There are roughly 143,000 vacant construction jobs nationwide. This shortage represents not only a lack of skilled labor, but an overwhelming implication that the jobs that are available simply aren’t attractive to qualified candidates.

In order to overcome this shortage, which ultimately results in inadequate manpower and low profit margins, firms must take what construction workers value most in their jobs into consideration.

Construction Workers Value Fair Pay
Of course salary is at the top of the list when it comes to what construction workers value most in their jobs. In any career, workers want to be compensated fairly, and construction workers are no exception. The average rate for a construction laborer is about $17 per hour, and could be more or less, depending on location, job type, etc. Yes, your firm should keep a watchful eye on profit margins, but not at the expense of fair compensation for the workers that help you achieve those profits daily.

Opportunities for Training and Advancement Set Firms Apart
Entry-level workers may not balk at an “all work” mentality, while they build experience in the industry, but firms that provide opportunities for training and advancement win the attention of skilled laborers across a wide spectrum of experience levels. Try partnering with local workforce organizations to offer training, certification and other opportunities for continuing education. After all, an employee who is adequately trained, with certifications across disciplines, will prove to be highly valuable to your company. In the same regard, these highly trained and skilled workers act as models for success to other employees within the company.

Both Employees and Firms Benefit from Good Systems and Equipment
Equipment and systems are vital for two reasons – safety and the efficient completion of a job. Construction information systems like BuildBinder keep every member of the workforce on the same page, reducing much of the day-to-day stress that brews at a job site. Safety equipment speaks for itself, but firms should continually invest in modern upgrades to essential equipment and systems, to provide a productive environment for construction workers.

Other Factors in Construction Job Enjoyment
There’s virtually no industry where employees report 100 percent job satisfaction, and because the construction industry is sometimes plagued with long hours and tough working conditions, it’s important to encourage and accept feedback. Construction employees value laid back, professional, working environments where they feel empowered to get work done, but aren’t burdened by micromanagement. Firms should do their best to nurture this environment of transparency and recognize employees for exemplary efforts.

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