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The Role of an Architect in a Construction Project

2 Buildings with Manhattan Bridge in between.

An architect is the mind behind a design that is both artistic and functional. She is approached by an owner, sponsor or group of stakeholders, and summoned to an initial meeting to hear out the group's needs and wants. An architect is also vigilant of the construction project, from the moment the idea has sprouted until the construction site has been finished. Furthermore, the architect is the go-to person whenever there is a need for clarification or guidance in any future occasion. Read more about the role of an architect in a construction project.

From idea to design

The moment an idea or a need requires a physical representation of its potential, that is the moment an owner or investor summons an architect. She listens to their needs and wants, and designs an edifice that satisfies them. She pours her own artistic touch and personal creativity into the project. This process may be repeated several times in order to find the exact point of convergence between what the customer wants, and the architect's creation. 

From design to construction

Once the design has been approved, and construction begins, the architect becomes a spectator, and a type of consultant. She is there to:

  • Clarify any design details to the construction teams
  • Redesign or make changes to the original design if deemed necessary, either to add value, adjust the construction scope, or comply with regulations
  • Review detailed plans from smaller construction teams, just to make sure they stay true to the original design
  • Certify that work has been completed in a correct manner

From construction to continuous maintenance

Once the construction project has been completed, the architect must make sure to leave an "owner's manual" and recommendations for future maintenance and repairs. She might also be contacted in the future should new issues or questions arise. 

The architect brings ideas to life, and creates wonders that must endure natural surroundings, and provide a useful space. 

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