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A Safe Construction Site is a Win for all Stakeholders

Remember when we talked about risk management and evaluation in order to bring costs down for your construction project? Well, construction site safety is a major component of risk, and when good practices and accountability are put in place, not only are you saving money in insurance costs, but you are also taking care of your employees' health and safety. Learn more about how you can make sure your construction site is a safe work environment.

Construction safety is not only a requirement if you want to get the proper permits and break ground, it should also be part of your working culture. Your firm should put safety processes and systems in place to ensure safety for all stakeholders involved, be it your own employees, subcontractors or outsiders. Start with the following:

Create safety roles

If you are serious about safety, then you should create special safety related roles for this matter. From supervisors, to managers, and directors, there should be safety related personnel at all levels of the organization. Hold them accountable for creating and maintaining safety initiatives. 

Educate all employees

All employees, contractors and involved personnel should be trained and educated in safety procedures, and working styles. It's not enough to train them at the beginning of the construction project or when they are just starting out in their roles. It is important to make educational materials available at any given time. 

Create incentives for people to wear their safety gear, or for following safety procedures. In other words, make safety your business for their own good and that of your company. 

Involve everyone in the process

Construction sites are often visited by people other than construction workers; that includes but is not limited to government officials, investors, clients, and other personnel. Even passersby are stakeholders when it comes to construction safety. Make sure everyone is involved in keeping with safety procedures so that no one is at risk of getting injured. 

Invest in the proper equipment

One loose safety belt is one too many. Make sure your safety equipment is in shape, and invest in high quality gear. Don't try to cut corners when it comes to safety, even if you think that equipment with below-standard quality can make a difference for your budget. In the long run, top-of-the-line equipment can save you a great deal of money in claims, lawsuits or other matters. 

Review OSHA's standards

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration has updated its standard for construction work in confined spaces, the latest version being the one updated in June, 2016 according to their FAQ page. Review other relevant policies and standards for your site. 

Go the extra mile

Whenever you can, go the extra mile when it comes to safety. It is the one thing you can never be too cautious about. 

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