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How to keep your sales pipeline full

Some construction companies are too busy trying to deliver quality work. Although that is not only understandable but also highly recommendable, construction companies also need to make room for sales. Here are a few tips on how to keep your sales pipeline busy without neglecting your core service. 

When construction companies forget about actively selling, growth slows down. If you want a profitable construction business, you need to be proactive about sales. Here are a few ways to do it without neglecting your projects:

Make time for sales

Take a page from some of the most successful construction business owners' book out there. On average, they devote about 25% of their time to sales. This means that they don't wait for their day to be less busy so they can make a few calls or have meetings with potential customers. They are proactive about building a sales plan and following through with it. 

Create a special sales team 

If you want your daily work to continue to have the same quality as always, create a special sales team. Albeit a small one, this team can focus on sales 100% of their working hours.

Create a sales plan

A plan without dates is no plan at all. Create a sales strategy or plan, and just as if you were dealing with a construction project on your construction app, set dates for every task. Make sure you hold team members accountable for these dates and keep track of progress. 

Conduct upsells

Existing (happy) customers are your best ambassadors. Nurture your relationship with them and conduct upsells when appropriate. In fact, they may be so happy with your service that they will ask YOU to take care of other projects. Also, these same customers are likely to recommend you to colleagues and friends. 

Invest in digital marketing

It's not always about cold calling/e-mailing. There are hundreds of potential customers out there that are searching for a construction solution as you read this. That is why having an optimized online presence is crucial for your business to succeed. Invest in a digital marketing strategy and look at the results. 

Start today and watch your company grow.

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