BuildBinder Features

BuildBinder has an easy-to-use interface to keep your construction project up to speed in real time.
Project Flow management

No training necessary
Best Closeout process
Unlimited storage
Set-up a project in minutes

Configurable authorization chain

Easy Access from any device, any location (iOS, Android, Windows)
Store project Information for future use
End to End process for Bids, RFI’s, Submittals, Permits, Studies and Reports

Configurable easy to read dashboards
Daily reports and site pictures

Cloud based (Microsoft Azure)
Complete repository of all documents
Internal chat, messaging and direct features

Complete Financial Management
Technical Support Agent assigned to each client

Track projects over their complete life-cycle, from beginning to end
24/7 tech support
Find out who is connected

Role based user permissions
Military level security, green URL
Created for experts in construction by experts in construction

We offer a construction information management system for any kind of user to help them achieve efficiency.

Your team members and other stakeholders can browse through the construction process on the go. Real-time information is visible by all team members. Anytime. Anywhere.

Grant administration level permissions or read-only if it’s the owner or lender who wants to be kept updated.

Empower your construction project team and make cost and time effective decisions with BuildBinder.