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Energy Efficient Homes and Why You Should Be Building Them

If energy efficient techniques were incorporated into all buildings, transportation and industrial processes, the AEC industry could significantly reduce energy consumption over the next 30 years. Energy efficiency is already being applied to commercial and residential projects, but as tech-wise construction becomes the industry standard, there will be more demand for energy efficient homes, and here’s why you should be building them.

Building Energy Efficient Homes
Energy efficient homes are built from using natural resources in efficient ways, as well as architectural practices that help reduce energy consumption. These elements help pave the way for energy efficient appliances to reside in the home. For example, a house can be built in such a way that air flows freely in and out of it. Open floor plans, oversized windows and ventilated rooms are a good example of energy efficiency in home designs. Furthermore, energy efficiency is achieved when modern and improved materials that offer reflective and insulating properties are incorporated.

Using white tiles on a roof is an example of an energy efficient choice. White tiles are reported to be more efficient than metal roofing, as they reflect 75 percent more energy from the sun than metal does. When your roof stays cool, the overall temperature of the house stays cool, and as a result, you spend less energy on air conditioning. Another way to build energy efficient homes is with the use of skylights. These trendy tunnels allow natural light to flood the room during the day, providing ample illumination with no need for light bulbs.

Double panel windows with proper tinting is also an energy efficient building technique, which lets just enough light inside, to keep a room nice and toasty. In the same regard, insulated concrete forms (ICF) are considered one of the best and most efficient insulating materials for homes. When these techniques are paired with technology like home automation systems and energy efficient appliances, these homes provide the same modern comforts, with the bonus of less energy consumption.

Why You Should Build Energy Efficient Homes
Your primary motivation to build energy efficient commercial and residential properties may not be to preserve the environment, but there’s no denying that this method of building brings both preservation and profits.

When your firm can deliver on the long-term value of reducing energy costs and minimizing carbon footprints, your business will naturally become a more desirable option amid the competition in the construction industry. Green construction is a growing trend, and it simply makes good business sense for construction firms to increase profits by going green and implementing green designs.


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