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How Collaboration Tools are Disrupting Construction Management

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Long are gone the days in which construction project management relied on endless meetings that highjacked productivity. Remember those days when you had to wait to hear back from suppliers or team members by next week's meeting? By then it would probably be too late to do anything at all, causing you more project cost overruns, and time discrepancies. Collaboration tools have made it possible to get real-time feedback and answers on pending issues. Endless meetings have been replaced by instant communication. Learn more about what collaboration tools can do for your construction project. 

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Choosing the Best Construction Materials for your Project

Choosing the right materials for your construction project can be a challenge, one that can make or break the whole project. There are a number of opinions as to which materials to choose, and when to buy them. Figure out what is the best way to purchase and choose construction materials that fit your needs. 

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In Memoriam: Zaha Hadid & Her Wondrous Work

The world of architecture has indeed lost an icon this year. Dame Zaha Hadid passed away this March, but not without leaving her mark in history. The Iraqi-British architect was the first woman to ever receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize back in 2004. A true trailblazer in parametricism and neo-futurism, Hadid designed a great deal of the world's contemporary mega-structures, including the MAXXI, Bridge Pavillion, Dubai Opera House, and the Aquatic Center in London for the Olympic Games of 2012, to name a few. We celebrate her work as we drive you through two of her most iconic structures. 

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How to Conquer Supply Chain Management in Construction

Supply chain management is one of the key factors a construction project manager must conquer in order to keep the project within budget. The efforts to maintain a lean supply chain must come from several stakeholders: architects, suppliers, contractors, investors, and more. Here are a few tips on how to conquer supply chain management for your construction project. 

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The Importance of the Contractor's Role in a Construction Project

Plans are drawn, a budget is allocated, a project manager defines the construction project's scope, and other stakeholders join the project. But who will actually put hammer to a nail and make the construction project a real, palpable building? The contractor's attention to detail will literally make or break the building itself. Such is the importance of the contractor's role in a construction project. 

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Make Your Construction Project More Efficient Through Empowerment

How many times have you sat down on your desk just to see it filled with requests, or opened your e-mail inbox pouring down with new issues that need your attention? On the one hand you wish you had more people solving these problems for you, and on the other you want to make sure every decision or purchase satisfies your customers, and business goals. The truth is, micro managing your construction project will only keep you busy, but unproductive. What's more, it will take a toll on your costs. So why not make your construction project more efficient through empowerment? Building the right kind of project management framework for your firm or multiple projects will go a long way.

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