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Construction Management: Why the Customer Might Not Always Be Right

2 Women talking on 1 side of a table while facing a 3rd woman.

When managing a construction project tailored to a specific individual or firm, it may be difficult for architects, general contractors or other experts in charge to comply with the every need and want the customer has. Some changes ordered by the client might mean more costs, more time, or it may even damage the edification itself. Thus, patience, negotiation skills and perseverance are key for the successful completion of your construction project. Follow these criterion to get you back on track and on your client's good side. 

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Reconciling Generations in the Construction Industry

Baby Boomers are known to be a hard working generation, the majority of which is now in retirement or in the process of retiring. And, although Generation X is filling in the gaps, there are still working culture behaviors that have yet to reconcile with Millennials' desire to solve problems with technology. Yet Millennials are still too young to have the experience their predecessors have. Which begs the question on how to reconcile generation gaps involving technology and experience? Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

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5 Ways to Choose A Color Palette for your Construction Project

A partial view of a building with a very yellow door.

Color is part of your construction site's statement. Pick the wrong colors and you might be giving off the wrong idea. Although you are probably working with a great team of designers, you can still keep these 5 ways in mind to choose the best color palette for your construction project. 

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Design Begins with the End User

Curved glass covered futuristic building.

Anthropology has long been used by renowned firms like IDEO in order to design products, and edifications that fit the end user's behavior like a glove. Are you using anthropology as a tool to design your construction projects? If not, then this is a quick guide on how anthropology can make a huge difference in your next project. 

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Construction Bidding: Look Out For These Factors Before Sending Your Proposal

Open empty paper notebook with blurry laptop in the background.

Whether it's a commercial, private or public construction project, construction firms and stakeholders need to be very thorough about what the project involves so that the resulting bid makes sense, and has the firm covered under any circumstances. This article will help you build a checklist you ought to have handy every time you are about to bid for a project. 

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How to Procure Great Construction Talent

Many a times a construction project might have all the ingredients to become a successful endeavor, except one: skilled labor.  Perhaps not for a lack of trying, but it is sometimes challenging to find available contractors, or quality firms to add value to your project. This article is about how to procure the right construction talent for your project no matter the circumstances. 

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How to Improve Safety in your Construction Site

In 2012, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in cooperation with the Occupation Safety and Health Administration published an infographic depicting safety numbers in the construction industry. There are actions that can greatly prevent some of the most common injuries presented in this visual aid, learn more about what you can do to keep your team safe. 

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