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How Soft Skills Can Help Your Construction Project Succeed

Technical skills are crucial for construction project managers to understand and carry out the team project. However, soft skills are an essential ingredient for projects to succeed. Although you may already know this, the most common cited reason for a project failure is miscommunication, internal conflict and other situations that could have been prevented were there soft skills implemented. This is an article that might help you refresh your memory on why and how soft skills can help your construction project succeed. 

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How to Attract and Onboard New Team Members in the Construction Industry

As days go by in the construction industry, Baby Boomers are almost all retired or in the process of retiring, Generation Xers are on top of the corporate latter, and so other senior, middle or entry level jobs are wide open for Millennials. This is normal at any given point in time, however, Millennials are an entirely new generation, one that is full of digital natives and with a completely new work mindset. That said, the process of onboarding new team members is not just a matter of putting someone up to speed, but also a matter of finding common grounds with the new generation in order to successfully collaborate with each other. Here are a few tips on how to successfully onboard new team members in the construction industry.

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A Safe Construction Site is a Win for all Stakeholders

Remember when we talked about risk management and evaluation in order to bring costs down for your construction project? Well, construction site safety is a major component of risk, and when good practices and accountability are put in place, not only are you saving money in insurance costs, but you are also taking care of your employees' health and safety. Learn more about how you can make sure your construction site is a safe work environment.

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How to Attract the Best Talent for your Construction Team

As a construction firm or stakeholder, your results are the sum of your team's skills and experience. Therefore, your team needs to attract the best talent out there, and build long lasting relationships with each person. Here are a few tips on how your team can attract and retain talent.

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Public Infrastructure Can Also Be Green

Credit and Source: Christos Barbalis

Photo Credit & Source:  Christos Barbalis.

Green construction practices are often dismissed as being too costly, thus not making it into your firm's high priority list. Climate change is a major worldwide issue, but still, business owners, governments and construction firms around the world find it difficult to accommodate sustainable practices if they are too expensive. This article shows tools and practices that can help you make more informed and profitable decisions. Read on for more. 

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Robotic Construction is Here

3D Printing of Buildings

Robots and 3D printers have made the impossible possible. Construction of a home or larger building can be done in hours or weeks, instead of months or years. These technologies are still at an early stage, and though they represent a great deal of time and money savings, they also present new social challenges. Read more about robotic construction and its implications moving forward. 

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