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Millennials are Changing the Way We Build for the Better

It goes without saying that each generation has had a major influence on the growth and development of the construction industry. And when it comes to modern construction, millennials have completely changed the concept and motivation behind construction design. Trendy, highly functional and technologically integrated are just some of the features millennials look for in both commercial and home design. Thanks to those key requirements, millennials are changing the way we build for the better.  

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Win Your Next Construction Project With Ease

In any type of negotiation, the ultimate show of success is to ensure you’re on the winning side. For construction projects, there continues to be an increase in competition, perhaps due to the slow decline of overall construction jobs, but more likely due to the appeal of firms who clearly differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Lean construction, advanced information systems, virtual walk-throughs, etc., all provide construction firms with a competitive edge. But these factors aren’t the only differentiators. Here are two smart ways to win your next construction project with ease.

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Unleash Your Team’s Productivity Power

A Lesieur production plant.

Productivity is the livelihood of any organization, regardless of the industry you operate in. However, when it comes to industries that live or die by deadlines, such as the construction industry, productivity within your team is something that cannot be compromised. Read on to learn more about how your construction company can boost productivity.

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How to Make a Construction Project a Great Success

Construction projects can be a challenge to keep organized and on track. Between timelines, managing your workforce and balancing the budget, the paperwork alone can take the life out of you. Although construction projects have several dependencies, there are some basic steps that you can take to make your construction project a great success.

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